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things I want to write and will never be able to:

  • Boy band Seblaine, in which Sebastian is the bad boy of the group and Blaine is the popular one. I made a prompt about this once, people liked it and I wouldn’t mind writing it.
  • Cisgirl!Klaine, where Blaine is a retro pin up girl and Kurt is her make up artist. It would involve a lot of retro activities, like Viva, so it would be a lot of fun to write.
  • Sebklaine, in which Sebastian is brought into their marriage that has become estranged in hopes that he’ll add excitement in bed, but they never expected to fall in love with him.
  • Seblaine, with Blaine as the owner of a coffee shop and Sebastian as the frequent teenage costumer who constantly hits on Blaine and Kurt, the other teenager barista. I think it would have some Kurtbastian, but be endgame Seblaine? No idea at all.
  • Sebklaine, in outer space. Because it should happen. Because think of the skin tight suits I could right about and how they could totally frot in those.
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